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Susan Ellison Achieves Platinum Invisalign Provider Status

January 24, 2024

platinum awardOur office is thrilled to announce that Dr. Susan Ellison has achieved the prestigious title of Platinum Invisalign Provider! Dr. Ellison has over 30 years of experience providing exceptional dentistry to patients. One of her specialties is Invisalign and clear alignment treatments for people with mild to severe misalignment. Becoming a Platinum Invisalign Provider is an incredible achievement, one of which only a few in the entire country and world achieve.

What It Means to Be a Platinum Invisalign Provider

There are many dentists throughout North America and the world, but few have achieved the status of Platinum Invisalign Provider. This title is more than a name, it is a guarantee to patients that they are choosing a dentist who is not only skilled in general dentistry but one who has gone through ongoing education and has treated over 300 patients with this clear alignment series. Dr. Ellison not only met those requirements but blew them out of the water – by treating close to 1,000 patients!

How Does a Dental Provider Qualify?

It takes more than just experience, however, to achieve the Platinum status. Here are the requirements that Dr. Ellison successfully achieved:

  • High level of experience in providing Invisalign treatment – this includes successful treatment of close to 1,000 patients
  • Completing the minimum number of Invisalign cases each year
  • Continuing educational opportunities with the best providers in the world in Invisalign treatment
  • Maintaining a quality reputation and good rapport with patients

Those dentists and orthodontists who achieve this level (one of the highest levels of Invisalign prestige) are known as the top experts in their field and are regarded as the best choice for Invisalign treatment.

The Benefits of Choosing a Platinum Invisalign Provider

We can’t think of any reasons not to choose Dr. Susan Ellison for your dental needs – but as a Platinum Invisalign Provider, there are certain benefits you can expect when you begin treatment.

  1. Faster Treatment – Dr. Ellison can help you straighten your teeth and reach treatment success in as little as 6 months!
  2. Technology – Our offices are equipped with the latest imaging technology to give you the most accurate treatment plan.
  3. Knowledge and Expertise – Dr. Ellison continues to pursue education opportunities. With the latest techniques and information, she applies that in-office to offer the best experience for patients.
  4. Patient Satisfaction – Dr. Ellison has treated over 300 patients. She is highly recommended among these patients!

Congratulations Dr. Ellison

We are proud to add this to the list of reasons why Dr. Ellison is the preferred dentist in Houston, Texas. If you are ready to begin your Invisalign journey – schedule a consultation today! We offer many cosmetic dentistry services and specialize in Smile Design. Congrats, Dr. Ellison!