Teeth Whitening

If you’re confident, you smile more. If you smile more, you feel more confident. But what if you don’t want to flash your smile because you’re embarrassed by yellow teeth?

Sometimes a new smile emerges from the simplest steps. Teeth whitening removes years of dingy stains from your teeth. Coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, and chocolate dull white enamel surfaces. A brilliant boost along with some gentle polishing and reshaping of chipped, uneven edges can create an easy transformation. Simple and safe, most patients don’t realize how much discoloration embeds into their teeth until they see a new shine emerge. We offer the following teeth whitening methods:

KöR Power Whitening System: This whitening system gives our patients AMAZING results above and beyond any other system we have ever used. Even patients with dark tetracycline-stained teeth that never thought they could have white teeth without veneers have had results they cannot believe. We start with a digital scan that is sent to the lab electronically and a customized deep bleaching tray is made for you that has a well for the bleach on the front of each tooth. This allows us to give you a stronger at-home bleach along with a desensitizer that not only provides outstanding results but also has minima, for tooth sensitivity. Once you have done the at-home bleaching for 2 weeks, you come in for a 2-hour appointment for the in-office portion. This Kor bleach is a combination bleach that works to give you the whitest teeth possible.

Opalescence In-office Bleaching: This in-office whitening takes 1-2 hours and will accomplish the same results in 2 hours as you can achieve after weeks of bleaching at home. We are able to do this because the whitening gel we use in the office is a stronger bleach than what you can use at home. It is stronger in the office because we are able to isolate the teeth and keep the gel from coming into contact with the gums and lips and tongue and monitor it closely during the 1-2 hours.

Opalescence At-home Bleaching Gel: For patients who already have bleaching trays or clear aligners or clear plastic retainers, we offer Opalescence bleaching gel that can be applied into the trays and worn at night or during the day for 1-2 hours to whiten the teeth over several weeks or to maintain a professional in-office whitening longer

Improve Your Smile with KöR Bleaching

KöR is the most gentle and effective teeth whitening system in the world.
The system consists of:

1. Deep bleaching trays, that help the gel to stay in place and get a maximum result
2. Desensitizing therapy: desensitizer to prevent teeth from becoming sensitive:
3. Two Syringes of Home whitening gel. After a 2-week, in-house whitening, we do 3–20 minute sessions in-office whitening, to maximize the whitening ability of the teeth to whiten.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

We have the most amazing Kor bleaching system now! It gives us the best results we have ever seen. Even patients with dark stained teeth are getting results that they never thought possible. You come into the office for a digital scan of your upper and lower arches (which is used for the lab to make you a set of deep bleaching trays.) These custom trays have a reservoir for the bleach. You use these bleaching trays with the Kor bleach at home for 14 nights. Then you come into the office for a 1 ½ hour bleaching session. So overall, the process takes 3 weeks.

Once you bleach anything, you take the color out and the color that comes out is out permanently. Then the question of how long it lasts really depends on what you eat and drink on a regular basis after that. For example, if you drink a lot of red wine, coffee, dark sodas, dark foods, red sauces, and grape jelly, your teeth will gain new stains more quickly than if you are drinking white wine, water, and sprite.

Whitening DOES NOT DAMAGE your enamel at all. If it did, we would not use it. We are here to keep your teeth and smile as healthy as possible.

The only preparation would be to remove tempting foods and drinks that would not be allowed during the 2-week bleaching process that are dark and would cause staining during the process.


I got my teeth bleached with the new KOR super bleach system at Dr. Ellison’s office and it’s awesome! I love my white smile and her team is the best! I love how happy they always are to see me!

-Brooke K.

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