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Get Your Life Back with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction isn’t just about how you look – but about your quality of life. Our patients come to Susan Ellison Dentistry for Full Mouth Reconstruction in Houston because they know we can give them their lives back. Missing teeth, chipped or damaged teeth, misalignment, and jaw bone deterioration can wreak havoc on your day-to-date routine, making it difficult to eat, and speak, and may impact your mental health.


Full mouth reconstruction offers a range of potential benefits, including:

  • Improved oral health
  • Enhanced function
  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Preservation of natural teeth
  • Prevention of further damage
  • Pain alleviation

As well as customized treatment, long-term results, restored confidence, improved speech, better nutrition, and an overall boost to well-being. These advantages can have a profound impact on both your dental health and your quality of life, addressing specific concerns and creating a healthier, more beautiful smile.

When is it Time for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

When someone has worn, cracked, crooked, missing teeth, extensive decay, or their bite is so worn down that they start to have jaw pain, full mouth reconstruction may be the answer. This is accomplished in many different ways depending on a patient’s current dental health. This treatment can include:

  • Veneers – custom-made, wafer-thin shells that are affixed to the front surface of teeth to enhance their appearance by concealing imperfections and creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • Crowns – protective, tooth-shaped caps that are placed over damaged or weakened teeth to restore their strength, function, and appearance.
  • Dental Implants – artificial tooth roots typically made of titanium, surgically implanted into the jawbone to support and secure replacement teeth, providing a durable and natural-looking solution for missing teeth.
  • Bridges – fixed prosthetic devices that consist of artificial teeth anchored by crowns on adjacent natural teeth or dental implants, used to replace one or more missing teeth and restore both function and aesthetics.

Combination Treatments

There are patients who have crooked teeth that would benefit from being straightened but then they would still be worn and cracked and not as pretty as they once were. In this situation, we can straighten and correct the alignment and the bite as well as the cracks by placing crowns or veneers on them to accomplish all of our goals without having to go through braces or Invisalign® first. Dr. Ellison takes the time to assess each patient individually to come up with a unique dental plan for their health and life.

When your teeth are worn down on the top and the bottom, this can often lead to jaw pain, biting the cheeks, and the appearance of the face shortening and the lower chin sticking out more. This is corrected by adding back the height to the teeth by building them back up with veneers or crowns which can correct the jaw pain and also give you that youthful look again.

Implant Supported Bridges and Dentures

A great option for many in need of Full Mouth Reconstruction is implant-supported bridges or dentures. In many cases, a patient in need of a total overhaul of their teeth will need to replace multiple – and sometimes all – of their natural teeth. Dr. Ellison can do this by utilizing the strength, durability, and longevity of dental implants.

implant bridge

Implant-Supported Bridge

Dental implants, typically made of titanium, are surgically placed in the jawbone to serve as secure foundations. These implants are then used to anchor a custom-made bridge, which spans the gap created by the missing teeth. The dental implant bridge provides a stable and permanent solution for multiple missing teeth, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. It restores the appearance of a complete smile while ensuring reliable support for chewing and speaking with confidence.

Implant-Supported Dentures

implant dentures

Dental implant-supported dentures are a modern and highly effective solution for individuals with missing teeth who may require full or partial dentures. These dentures are designed to be securely anchored to dental implants that are surgically placed in the jawbone. Unlike traditional removable dentures, implant-supported dentures offer increased stability and functionality, allowing patients to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. The implants serve as strong, permanent anchors, preventing issues like slipping or discomfort often associated with conventional dentures. This innovative approach not only enhances the overall quality of life but also helps to preserve jawbone density over time. Dental implant-supported dentures are a transformative option for those seeking a reliable and natural-looking tooth replacement solution.

Why Trust the Team at Susan Ellison?

To put it simply – we care. From your initial dental consult to your first and subsequent treatment visits, Dr. Ellison and her team are compassionate in their approach to giving you a comfortable solution for your dental needs. Having full mouth reconstruction means beginning a difficult journey – but the end result will be worth it. Our goal as your dental provider is to give you your quality of life back – in speech, in eating, and in overall comfort.

Dr. Ellison has more than 30 years of experience in providing exceptional and tailored dental care to patients in Houston. This experience, in addition to her life-long commitment to learning new techniques and procedures, is what sets her apart from many providers in the area. At Susan Ellison Dentistry & Cosmetics, every patient is a person, and every person gets the personalized care and attention they deserve to achieve a healthier, more radiant smile.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

With proper care and maintenance, the results of full mouth reconstruction can be long-lasting. Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene are essential to preserve the outcomes.

Dentists use local anesthesia to ensure patients are comfortable during procedures. Post-operative discomfort can be managed with pain medication as prescribed.

Some can be completed within ONLY a few weeks!  If implants are needed, this process will take longer to complete but we can often get you a beautiful smile right away.

Dr. Ellison offers free initial consultations to determine if you would benefit from full mouth reconstruction.

Yes! We can restore the length of your teeth so that you show your beautiful smile again and can be proud to smile once again.


I visited Dr. Susan Ellison's office for a procedure today and had a wonderful experience. Everyone was very professional and welcoming.

-Joann B.

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