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To get the perfect smile, many pieces of the dental puzzle must come together. Dr. Ellison has 30 years of experience helping patients get the smile of their dreams, but it all starts with healthy teeth and gums. Healthy, pink gums are the foundation of a healthy mouth, and it is the gums where Dr. Ellison and her team start when it comes to creating smiles that last a lifetime.

Gum Recontouring Versus Gingivectomy

Neglecting the gums can have drastic consequences for the entire mouth, and sometimes, gum disease can affect just a portion of the gum line – ruining your smile and causing issues for your teeth. No gum line is the same. Some are shallow and thin while others may be thick or protrude unnaturally, causing a visual distraction. Our team uses two approaches depending on the dental goals of the patient – whether cosmetic or health.

Gum Recontouring

Some people feel very self-conscious about their gums. While a gummy smile isn’t a reason to hide your bright whites, Dr. Ellison is skilled in reshaping the gum tissue around the teeth to reveal an even more beautiful, even smile.


Similar to gum recontouring, a gingivectomy is when diseased gum tissue is removed. In some cases, diseased gums recede leaving pockets between the teeth and gums that are difficult to clean. To stop gum diseases from progressing, dentists can recommend a gingivectomy followed by gum recontouring procedures.

Trust Susan Ellison with Your Smile

Dr. Ellison is passionate about helping patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles through cosmetic dentistry and restorative treatment – and that starts at the gumline. Just as you would frame a piece of art, healthy gums help frame your smile – both teeth and gums make the entire package. Our team offers the most advanced dental technology available, including laser technology and 3D scanning to help recontour your gumline in a quick and painless procedure. Results can be seen immediately, and after a few days of healing, your gums will look, feel, and be healthier than ever! In some cases, more extensive contouring may be discussed. Dr. Ellison will examine your gums and teeth and propose the best solution for your unique situation. Whatever the approach, you can feel confident that your dream smile is in view!

Gum Recontouring FAQs

Gum recontouring is one of the easiest ways to give someone a bigger, broader smile without doing anything to the teeth themselves. You may have naturally large beautiful teeth that look small or smaller, simply because there is too much gum covering your own natural tooth. Gum recontouring is done with a laser and simply removes the excess gum tissue from the tooth, leaving you with a bigger broader smile instead of a “gummy smile.” Sometimes a small amount of extra gum can make a tooth look short square instead of its natural shape and size.

There is no downtime involved. When you leave you are ready to resume all activities. The gums may be a little red along the tooth for a few days and you may need to avoid spicy foods for a few days for them to heal fully.


I visited Dr. Susan Ellison's office for a procedure today and had a wonderful experience. Everyone was very professional and welcoming.

-Joann B.

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