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Jones Road Office Gets a New Look

April 27, 2023

One of our priorities as a dentist office in Houston is providing an atmosphere that is relaxing and inviting. Many patients suffer from dental anxiety – and our goal at Susan Ellison Dentistry & Cosmetics is to help ease that fear and help people feel comfortable. That is why we decided to give our Jones Road office a fresh new look and feel!

The New Look

We know that our space was inviting before, but we wanted to make it even more comfortable for all patients. The new look includes new furniture, new reading material, and updated artwork and decor. Here is a look at our brand-new office refresh!

First Impressions

Our brains are cool – almost as cool as our teeth! Why do first impressions matter? There is a psychological effect known as ‘the primacy effect’ which means that our minds will remember our first encounter or moments in a situation better than the sequential or following events. Whether that is due to the evolution of ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ or just a weird brain thing, the fact remains – your first impression is important!

When you walk into a medical or dental office, you will immediately feel either relaxed or anxious based on your first impression of the space. Are you greeted by friendly faces at the reception? Does it feel cold or cozy? Is the lighting white and sterile or warm and inviting? Many of these things will set the tone as you take your first steps into the office. We took this into consideration with our Jones Road update and we – and our patients – could not be happier!

Visit In Person

Don’t just take our word for it! Contact us for your routine cleaning and exam today and experience the feeling of relief from your first moments in our dental clinic. Not only will you feel at ease, but our team will help you stay relaxed during your entire visit. Ask us about our other dental services. Still an anxious patient? We also offer sedation dentistry in Houston. We look forward to meeting you. Schedule online!


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