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Does Invisalign Help TMJ?

July 26, 2023

TMJ PainIf you are one of the thousands of people who suffer from TMJ – you can find comfort in knowing that you are not alone and there is help! TMJ is a disorder affecting the jaw and can be incredibly painful for those suffering from it. It can cause chronic headaches, a locked jaw, and other dental issues. Dr. Susan Ellison is a premier Invisalign provider in Houston and can help patients suffering from TMJ with this amazing treatment option.

What Causes TMJ and What Is It?

Often the misalignment of the teeth can cause the lower jaw to be jammed too far back into the joint near the ear and this can be uncomfortable and cause pain in the TMJ area (the temporomandibular joint). This can also cause headaches and neck pain as well. Correcting the alignment of the teeth can play a big role in alleviating TMJ issues.

Finding TMJ Relief with Invisalign

If the lower front teeth are crooked and crowded, this is a sign that there is not enough room for the lower jaw to relax and move forward into the most comfortable position. To obtain more room and allow the relief of the joint pain, often the upper teeth need to be moved out in a more rounded arch form to allow more room for the lower teeth to spread out into a more comfortable position for the lower jaw muscles and the TMJ. Invisalign can create the most rounded-out beautiful arch forms on the upper and lower, which allows for maximum harmony for the jaw and the joint and the muscles and the teeth. This allows us to alleviate pain in the TMJ with Invisalign.

Another sign that Invisalign could help with TMJ is when the lower front teeth cannot be seen at all when you bite down because the upper front teeth are completely covering them. This is another scenario in which the lower jaw is very locked into a position that does not allow enough freedom of
movement, is jammed too far back into the joint, and causes pain. In this case, Invisalign is used to lower the front teeth on the lower and level the lower arch to where the back teeth and the front teeth are level. The upper arch is also leveled so that the upper front teeth don’t come down too far over the lower front teeth which also restricts the movement of the lower jaw and can be the source of the pain. Not only does this relieve the joint pain, but it will also prevent severe wear of the front teeth over time which always happens when this is left overlapped completely and untreated.

Don’t Suffer Any Longer

Some of our happiest Invisalign patients are the ones that no longer have the TMJ pain that they had before Invisalign. These patients had no relief from the pain before and now they are completely pain-free! It’s life-changing! And they have a gorgeous smile to be proud of at the same time! It’s a win-win! If you think you could benefit from Invisalign – either because of TMJ or because you want to redesign your smile – schedule a consult with us today.

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