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Can You Get Invisalign with a Bridge?

September 30, 2023

invisalign and a bridgeOne of the many benefits of Invisalign is the ability to use it in conjunction with other dental services and treatments to create the most beautiful, healthy smiles of a lifetime. Each patient’s unique dental care and overall health are always taken into consideration. Fortunately, Dr. Ellison has worked over the last 30 years to provide a custom, caring approach for each patient who sits in her dental chair. For patients who have a dental bridge, or who may be getting one in the future, you can breathe easy. Yes – Invisalign can be used even with a dental bridge!

Who Needs a Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth not only impact self-confidence, but many people with missing teeth have difficulty with eating and speaking. A dental bridge gives patients a better quality of life by literally filling in the gaps. A bridge is placed by using crowns on the permanent adult teeth adjacent to the missing section with a solid crown in the middle where the space is to make it look like there was never a missing tooth. The great news is that the bridge is cemented permanently all in one piece and does not have to be taken in and out. Also, you are able to chew on it as if you were never missing a tooth there. When needed, dental implants can be used to secure a bridge where you do not have teeth. The good news is that Dr. Ellison can provide all of these options to determine what is best for you and actually perform all of these procedures right here in our office.

Invisalign After a Dental Bridge

Once a dental bridge is placed, there still may be the need or desire to fix alignment issues. In this case, a patient can choose Invisalign just like a patient without a bridge. After the initial consultation, Dr. Ellison will map out using the latest dental technology and digital imaging to show you exactly how your teeth will move over the course of 6-9 months. You will receive custom aligners every few weeks that effectively move your teeth into the correct alignment.

Because you have a bridge, it is important for Dr. Ellison to carefully plan your Invisalign treatment and take into consideration the bridge that cannot be moved and still provides the most beautiful, overall treatment plan possible. Once the treatment options have been discussed, you and Dr. Ellison can decide together what is best for you.

Get a Consult for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Susan Ellison creates beautiful, custom smiles in Houston. Whether you begin with a dental bridge, require dental implants, or want discreet solutions for misalignment – Dr. Ellison and her team will create a custom plan for your goals. Schedule your initial consultation today at one of our two convenient Houston office locations.

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