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Can I Speed Up My Invisalign Treatment?

June 30, 2023

straight smileWhen you decide it is time to get the smile of your dreams, it can be hard to wait! Once the initial consult appointment has happened and Dr. Ellison has designed and presented your beautiful smile – we can understand the excitement! We have many patients who ask us about what things they can do to help speed up the process of straightening their teeth.

Faster, Better Results with Dr. Susan Ellison

Invisalign is a remarkable way to transform your smile. When first introduced, patients loved that they could straighten their smiles discreetly and in much less time than traditional braces. It was exciting to straighten your teeth and close the gaps in as little as 18 months (compared to the 2-3 years it could take with metal braces). Over the last 20 years, the timeline for Invisalign has gotten shorter. When you choose a provider that has extensive experience and training with Invisalign, like Dr. Susan Ellison and her team, you can get the smile of your dreams even faster than with other dental providers.

A Smile in as Little as 6 Months

In some dental offices, the dentist will require that you move the teeth more slowly, only allowing you to move to the next position every two weeks. Due to Dr. Ellison’s extensive training in Invisalign, she is able to move the teeth in a more efficient and predictable way that allows you to move to the next position EVERY week which allows you to keep the teeth moving and to accomplish your amazing smile in HALF the time of traditional Invisalign and more than one-fourth the time of traditional braces.

Very few patients require traditional braces anymore. Why do traditional braces that can take 2 years or more when you can do Invisalign in 6-8 months? Clear aligners are almost invisible! The aligners are smooth against your lips and cheeks and tongue, and they can be removed to brush your teeth and allow you to keep your teeth and gums healthier than can be done with metal brackets that are unsightly, difficult to clean and have wires that can be broken with certain foods. The choice is simple. The treatment is simplified with Dr. Ellison’s team allowing you to have your gorgeous smile in less time than ever before.

Smile Bigger . . . Faster

Simply start the process for a straighter smile by scheduling a consult with Dr. Ellison in Houston today. With two convenient locations around the heart of Houston, we will be able to get you started on this journey in no time.


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